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hair transplant in turkey

Hair transplant in Turkey

Dr. Canan Melike Köksüz

The FUE method, the most innovative technique.

The world known FUE Hair Transplant method is one of the most widely used on the hair transplant methods around the globe.

This method become famous around doctors and patients all over because it provides patients with lasting and incredible natural looking results.

the most incredible part of FUE is that once that you go to the doctor sit on a massage chair for 3 minutes you will have a bit of pain because of the injection of local anestesia but after that the process is painless and depending on how many grafts the doctor decides you need to bring your hairs situation to normality it will take from 4 to 8 hours of transplanting hair process

Fue Technique stands for “Follicular Unit Extraction”
The FUE method is definitely the biggest step on time history after the conventional FUT method, where surgeons used to cut a large slit on the donor area of the patient, remove skin from this area, and stitched the area back for the transplant creating big scars

Fue Technique stands for “Follicular Unit Extraction” term. It consists on the work of extraction of a micro hair follicle bundles called “follicular unit” and located on scalp one by one and placement of these into the new designated places. with the FUE the Follicular units to be transplanted are extracted from the scalp with a special tool one by one and all the follicles are placed into new places on the same day.

Fue Hair transplant method means perfect results and no scars at all and perfect looking hairs and Turkey now is the world leader on this.

  • Dr. Canan Melike Köksüz worked at the Ministry of Health for about 10 years

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