What is Hair Transplantation?

Nowadays, the problem of hair loss, which affects men too much, can be permanently eliminated by hair transplantation. Hair loss can be caused by genetic factors, stress and environmental factors. Hair strands emerge from hair follicles called grafts. 1 to 4 hair strands emerge from 1 graft. Hair follicles are nourished by the capillaries around them. The hair strands emerging from the hair follicles that are nourished enough have a healthy and strong appearance.

Menstrual hair loss is considered normal. However, more than this number, which has reached a noticeable level and causes opening in certain areas, gives the signals of a problem.

Hair transplantation, which is considered as an aesthetic application, is a surgical procedure. Therefore It should be applied under surgical operation conditions.

If a natural appearance is obtained in hair transplantation, it is possible to get a successful result. In order to achieve this natural appearance, the front hairline must be determined correctly. The front hairline distance should be calculated precisely by correctly evaluating the ratio of the shape of the opening in the patient’s hair, the condition of the facial ovality, and the distance between the nose and lower tip of the chin and the eyebrow and nose. Transplanted grafts should be at the right angle and density.

Unshaved Hair Transplantation

Unshaved FUE is applied to people who do not want to take a break from their work and social life, if deemed appropriate by the doctor.

The method known as FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is used in unshaved hair transplantation. The biggest difference of the unshaved FUE method from the standard method is that there is no need to shave the patient’s head completely.

My hair transplant in Turkey - Dr. Canan Melike Köksüz