Dr. Canan Melike Köksüz

Dr. Canan Melike Köksüz was born in İzmir in 1960, where she completed her studies. She graduated from Ege University Faculty of Medicine in 1986 and worked at the Ministry of Health for 10 years.

She took part in child health and family planning and shortly thereafter, she began working in a hair restoration clinic in Izmir in 2000 up until 2003, when she decided to move to Istanbul.

  • Dr. Canan Melike Köksüz worked at the Ministry of Health for about 10 years

Dr. Canan Melike performed rootless plantation at every stage of the procedure and she is one of the few doctors that can perform all the complicated procedure on her own.

She finally opened her own hair transplant center, the Transmed Medical Center in plantation.

She is also a founder of TSHRS (Turkey hair Restoration Surgery Association). The Association has numerous training certificates relating to medical aesthetics and hair transplants.

With over 19 years of experience, Dr. Canan Melike has catapulted herself to the very best within the hair transplant community Turkey has to offer.

My hair transplant in Turkey - Dr. Canan Melike Köksüz